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Systems Integration

Worldgate offers customized systems integration services for all phases of a project lifecycle. We enable our clients to complete challenging business initiatives while delivering integrated solutions that provide measured value and are compatible with their infrastructure. Our Systems Integration model is delivered around an identified solution and we work face-to-face with our clients throughout our 4 phases of integration: Initiate, Plan, Implement, and Support.

Systems Integration

We join together with our clients to establish goals which are achieved through cooperative integration of the solution. Whether using industrialized technologies or a custom designed solution, we understand that each solution must quickly complement existing systems, process, and people to provide value. Worldgate offers clients the ability to engage our organization for a specific phase of a project or for end to end delivery.

The Initiation phase starts with preliminary analysis and knowledge sharing, solution visioning, and project charters.

The Planning phase includes business/systems analysis and design, detailed project planning and comprehensive requirements gathering.

The Implementation phase initiates the project roll out of the designed and developed solution including training, change management, and system delivery and acceptance.

The Support phase includes knowledge transfer training for internal self-sufficiency, production support, upgrades, and continuous evaluation.

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Our primary areas of Systems Integration services:

IT and Business Alignment

Worldgate consultants bring deep industry experience, executive analytical capabilities, and a common sense planning model to address our customer’s most complex business problems. Our strategic capabilities incorporate the business processes, various technologies and the organization leaders. Our operational capabilities reflect the unique challenges facing public sector organizations, service businesses and infrastructure operations.

Requirements Gathering

Worldgate’s experience is that all organizations must improve business impact and responsiveness to remain competitive and improve efficiencies. To do this, you must ensure that IT projects meet end-user demands. To find these demands, Worldgate provides a requirements gathering and management solution that enables IT to track progress, communicate and manage changes to requirements while directing resources throughout the application lifecycle.

Web Development Services

Worldgate delivers a range of web development services, customized to fit the many needs of an organization. Worldgate's IT web consultants are trusted and experienced in content management system implementation. Worldgate's web development team uses a two-pronged approach, applying technical expertise, backed by overlaying project management best practices to create complete web solutions. We provide a package of Web services that include web design, graphic design, web application development (including mobile applications), web content creation, and customer support.

Adobe PDF Download Download Worldgate’s Web Development data sheet.

Training Programs

Worldgate's Training services are a vital element to the success of an organization's project initiatives. From new business process to integrating change management to new technology roll-outs, our training consultants are equipped with proven training methodologies to ensure success. These processes begin with learning and knowledge management.

Worldgate's trainers are consistently updating their knowledge of new industry applications and we will advance that knowledge to our clients. Our training consultants are experienced technical writers and are able to develop training guides which are user-friendly. Worldgate will be there face-to-face with your staff whether it be classroom training or one-on-one sessions. Worldgate's training commitment is not complete until your organizational users have gained expertise.

Adobe PDF Download Download Worldgate’s Training Model data sheet.

Help Desk and Production Support

Establishing a support based IT Help-Desk can resolve user concerns long after a project has been implemented. Worldgate's Help Desk Analysts are knowledgeable and responsive. We can provide phone operation, Tier 1 support, service level agreements, as well as issue tracking and prioritization.

Documentation and Technical Writing Services

Worldgate’s Technical Writing Services can be used to fuel the development of processes and the training of people. Worldgate provides the industry and technical expertise needed to create an organizational acceptance of technical material. Our technical writers keep focus on the people reading the material and tailor it to the end-users.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Worldgate understands the value created when software testing. The trial and error testing phase for an application can be the most critical step in the development and implementation of software. Your organization can rely on Worldgate to provide testers who are experienced in the application being tested and have a knowledge base of software development.

Business Process Redesign (BPR)

Over the last two decades, businesses have been forced to improve their business processes to stay competitive and to address a population demanding for better service. Worldgate has identified the most important elements to any BPR engagement: People, Technology, and Processes. The combination of these elements produces strategic information, which will determine whether or not your business is successful. Our approach creates success because we start with your strongest resource, People. Structuring an efficient team, implementing innovative process improvements and using the latest technology to measure performance, is our formula for success. This is the core of Worldgate's continuous business process redesign.

Business Process Improvement (BPI)

Business Process Improvement relies on the practice of new and continuous process changes. In the extreme, BPI assumes the current process is irrelevant - it doesn't work, start over. A clean slate perspective enables the designers of the business process to disassociate themselves from the current process, and focus on a new process. Worldgate’s high-level approach to overall process management begins with defining the scope and objectives of your project. The next step is a knowledge acquisition process involving your customers, employees, competitive environment and technologies. Given this knowledge base, you can create a vision for the future and design new business processes.

Organizational Change Management

Worldgate’s Change Management goal is clear: empower your organization to achieve and sustain major transformational change. Organizational Change Management (OCM) is a multi-faceted activity designed to change the way employees and management think and behave in the existing environment. All organizations experience a number of changes each year. OCM is the umbrella that covers training, communication, and other change preparedness activities. Worldgate understands that the people are the focus when implementing a functional and successful organizational change. Each organization is unique, dynamics can vary within departments, task complexity can affect timelines and change acceptance. That is why Worldgate takes into account all factors and constraints when planning your change management solution.


Whether embarking on a new implementation, upgrade, or consolidation, Worldgate staff is well equipped to complement clients’ strategic ERP initiatives with strong talent and niche services. Worldgate understands the unique resource needs of ERP system landscapes and how those resources needs vary over time. We have a natural appreciation for how ERP initiatives are a journey, not an event. As such, the manner in which we engage our clients and consultants reflect this appreciation. At the forefront of our programmatic approach is the drive for return on investment with a high degree of accountability and transparency.